Dear residents of the city of Angarsk!

Dear residents of the city of Angarsk!  The public chamber of the city of Angarsk prepares February 24, 2010 from 17 to 19 hours in DC petrochemical holding of a public meeting of the chamber with the report of the head of L. G. Mikhailov on the work of the city administration on the implementation of the election program and requests (mandates) of voters.Your opinions and suggestions you can tell in the working days on the phone 53-00-60 from 9 to 17 hours.The Commission requests that those who do the apartments have appliances of cold and hot water, to submit readings for the last three months and for the summer period (June, July, August).Specialists on issues of power and water supply can apply personally to the Chairman of the Board Boris Osipovich an Orphan on the phone and in the future to provide advice to the Commission.We invite the Angarsk to participate in a meeting of the chamber. Matters at the meeting will only be accepted in writing specifying the initials and addresses required to be entered in the minutes of the meeting for direction and answers.Y. V. SELEZNEV,acting Chairman of the chamber. Читать полностью -->

Where's your charisma?

Where's your charisma?  You wriggle on the lessons? Play your friends? I love public speaking? So, you here. In the theater-Studio "spring" under the permanent supervision of Tagir KHAMITOV. "Spring" will find a creative, full of ideas of children and teenagers from 12 to 15 years, so they picked up the torch "Rodnichok". For 25 years the "Spring" was born a lot of productions, large and small. Come and give life to new productions.The play "Two arrows" on the play by Alexander Volodin guys from "Spring" played at the festival, who arranged the Irkutsk drama theatre.. . Читать полностью -->

Night light

Night light  We are all used to sleep on Christmas night. The new year got together with Moscow to meet, otherwise the holiday was not successful! And very few things can make us do not sleep at night at other times of the year. Except that the work per shift Yes passionate love, but it's not everyone. Now are the shortest night of the year. No sleep we decided and went with the Belarusians on their national holiday, Kupalle.The weather on Saturday was whispering: "I'll cancel!", and the day began to drizzle rain, the thermometer showed 13 degrees. But Belarusians said to celebrate this weather is the most gusto and to harvest. Читать полностью -->

Not to forget

Not to forget  February 15 в“ Day of memory of soldiers-internationalists in RussiaIn branch в„–5 of the Central city library started a new project - historic time "Live memory". The first students were students of 9 "b" grade school number 31. Jeanne KIREEVA, head of the branch, has developed this project together with colleagues. Now the historic clock in the library will be invited high school students in urban schools. Project goal: to tell the guys about the Afghan war, its heroes, to preserve the memory of fallen soldiers, among them five of Angarsk. At the meeting with the students to come and Afghan soldiers. Читать полностью -->

Double-headed house

Double-headed house  Beginning in the city overhauls push the Angarsk to the creation of homeowners ' associations. But since the legal literacy of people in this respect is close to zero, any desire to do what's best results in the result "as always". In the house в„–12 in the 17th district because of this brewed this mess, to disentangle which was attended by the mayor Leonid MIKHAILOV personally.A small staircase of the building was crammed with people. The appearance of the first person on the ordinary General meeting of residents is precedent. What happened? It turned out that in this house, in violation of all legal norms and basic common sense has suddenly emerged... two homeowners!At the right hand of the mayor was the Chairman TSZH Uyut Katerina ZYRYANOV. Читать полностью -->

As a mom

As a mom  In the neurological Department of the emergency hospital for 25 years working as a nurse Olga BURKOVA. In the clinic hospital of emergency medical aid is working her middle daughter Hope. Junior Maria is studying in a medical College. While she's a freshman, but already knows for sure that registered in the employment center, as her older sister Elena, will not stand. Nurses are required by all medical institutions of the city. It's not an ecologist, with a diploma, but without experience for more than a year can not find a proper job.After graduation, Olga Burkova wanted to work as a crane operator at a construction site. Читать полностью -->

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